About the PTG

Foundedin 1981, HSSPTG works with school staff members and parents of studentsto enhance educational opportunities and build a school community
forour children.  Our PTG has three central purposes:

  1. Participate in projects that contribute to understanding and connecting to the school by keeping parents in touch and informed as to school activities and functions. We sponsor speakers, publish a monthly newsletter, and host monthly meetings to share ideas and information between teachers, staff and parents.
  2. Raise money to fund projects, activities and purchases for school items that are beyond the scope of the general school budget. We fund field trips, special library and music programs, equipment acquisitions and a variety of teacher specific needs and requests as well as some everyday classroom items.
  3. Make our school a safe and fun community for staff members, students, and families by organizing and hosting activities throughout the year like: The Teacher Luncheon, Earth Day Celebration, Horne Street Olympics, Back to School Social, Halloween Festival, Holiday Shopping Fair, Movie Nights, Spring Fling, Fourth Grade Carnival, Computer Safety, Teacher Appreciation, Parent Volunteer of the Year, and after school enrichment activities.

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