Student's agenda book

In third grade students will be assigned nightly homework. Homework is practice of skills that have been taught in class and should last no more than 30 minutes.  If your child is struggling to complete assignments in 30 minutes please contact her/his teacher right away.  

Each day your child will record homework assignments and important information (field trips, related arts schedules,  special events,etc.) in their agenda.  Please check and initial it nightly.  This ensures that each member of your child's educational team (teacher, parent, student) is communicating daily. Our district introduces the agenda in third grade to develop the daily practice of planning and organization.  These skills will be used throughout their school career and are essential to their academic success. 

Nightly homework will usually include a combination of reading, math practice and word study. 

Homework Expectations
- Completed in pencil
- First and last name
- Homework travels to and from school in the home/school folder
- It is your child's responsibility to put their homework in their backpack each day