Birthday Celebrations

The Dover School District has a wellness policy. 

The policy states:

  • Parties and Celebrations
    • The building principal will authorize any seasonal celebrations.
    • Classrooms will have at most one celebration for all the birthdays occurring in a given month.
    • Teachers and staff will encourage parents to provide healthy snacks.
    • During celebrations, adults will be responsible for limiting the number of sweet items children have.


We will be celebrating birthdays on the last Friday of the month at our snack time except when combined with an additional celebration. The snack must be healthy.  We will not be serving sweets at this time. Please contact your child’s teacher a week ahead of time if you are interested in providing a nut and seed free snack. As an alternative, we encourage you to bring in a non-food related item that all children can enjoy. (Ex: stickers, pencils, erasers.)

If your child has a summer birthday we will celebrate their birthday in September.

Celebration Dates

September 25, 2015
October--Fall Festival Day
November 20, 2015
December--Winter Breakfast Day
January 29, 2016
February--Valentine's Day Celebration
March 25, 2016
April 22, 2016
May 27, 2016
June 10, 2016